There is a misconception that villas for sale in Dubai are expensive, and so is everything in Dubai. This is not true at all. There are multiple activities you can do here for free!

What would you do for free in Dubai? Aren’t you bewildered? Dubai conjures up images of sky-scraping structures, wealth, and customs, all wrapped in a mantle of deserts and tropical man-made islands. The multicultural Mideast Sheikdom has an image for extravagant luxury, making it challenging to adhere to the concept of “free stuff.” Isn’t that so? Believe it or not, Dubai has a plethora of free activities.

There are several things on the list that you would not be able to believe! From museums to art galleries, Dubai has various places where you can have a free experience. So, aren’t you looking forward to it?

Free Things To Do In Dubai

If you’re still shaking from the shock and curious about what you can do in Dubai without costing a darham, here’s a list of the top free things to do in Dubai that will ensure you love the luxury as much as anybody else.

Free experience of Dubai’s culture and heritage

Displays of potters, weavers, and other local craftspeople, as well as pearl diving displays, make the AlShindagha view of Dubai’s history and heritage is one of the greatest free things to do in Dubai.

Free camel museum entry

The Camel Museum, located in the Al Shindagha Region, is another free attraction in Dubai. The museum has sections devoted to camels’ origin in the United Arab Emirates, the interaction between camels and Arabian people, camel racing, and camel anatomy. It also contains a lecture auditorium. One of the best freebies in Dubai is this.

Free yoga classes

Fitness freaks in Dubai have a plethora of inexpensive activities to choose from. The best of all, though, is Friends Of Yoga’s free yoga session. These 1-hour courses, which are held in five different locations across the capital, will help you maintain your workout routine while you’re in Dubai.

Free movie under the stars

On a trip to Dubai, you wouldn’t want to go out on a Sunday evening to see a movie, would you? However, since it is free and you can watch it under the stars, it becomes one of the must-do free activities in Dubai for all visitors.

Free sight of Dubai Aquarium

Why pay 70 Dirhams to reach the aquarium when you can see the central tank for free from the Dubai Mall entrance? The giant aquarium, which houses the world’s most enormous single acrylic wall, is next on the list of free things to do in Dubai.

Free sight of The Dubai Fountain Display

The stunning showcase of fountains opposite Dubai Mall, moving in rhythm with a magical playlist, is one of the most famous free things to do in Dubai.

Free entry to the Jumeriah Beach Corniche

The Jumeirah Beach Corniche is a new addition to Dubai’s list of complimentary amenities. It features an 800-meter beachfront, a jogging path, restrooms, children’s play areas, and coloured picnic areas. From Dubai Marine Beach Resort to the BurjAl Arab Hotel, the 14-kilometre-long corniche passes.

Free exploring of vintage spice and gold souks

The bustling old souk in Dubai’s Deiraneighbourhood is one of the most well-known free places to visit. The old market is known for its gold merchants’ shining wares, spices of all kinds, rare frankincense, and pashmina shawls. No, neither of these pieces are free to use.

Free pehalwani wrestling

Witnessing local wrestling is still one of the best free activities to do in Dubai. Hundreds of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi labourers assemble every Friday to watch the courageous men fight for glory.

Free dance to the peppy numbers

Societe Dubai is characterised by a shabby-chic feeling, leather sofas, and bulky lampshades. On a Friday night, go to the recently opened nightclub and listen to the greatest songs from the 1980s and 1990s. The entry is free!

Free tour of St Marry Catholic Church

In 1967, St. Mary’s Catholic Church was established. It is one of Dubai’s oldest churches. It has supported and seeks to welcome Catholics’ multicultural communities and is based in Dubai’s heart of Catholics multicultural communities. Admissions, renewals, and book selection for the new Catechetical Year occur every Friday in August at the Catechism Office.

These are some of the places you can visit for free in Dubai. Begin searching for apartments for sale in Dubai and make the best out of these free activities.

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