Vivo Offers Two Amazing smartphones

\Launching latest smartphone innovation from S1, take your fashion quotient one notch higher with vivo S1 Pro Smartphone. Taking inspired designs from royal Palaces and fine gemstones, managed to leave behind rectangles and squares and created a whole new unique diamond shaped phone screen. The sleek Diamond smart design adds a special symmetry to the finely crafted rear panel finishing the exclusive look of S1 Pro by adding some much needed balance. The fine crystal screen and the high definition images captured with the lens of this smartphone are a true representation of cutting edge technology at its best.

The vivo S1 Pro has a beautiful 5.5 inch capacitive display, which is super smooth to use and yet unbelievably sharp for a smartphone. With a clear touch sensitive display, the S1 Pro allows you to browse the internet, watch your favourite videos, edit images and make your phone calls all with the stunning clarity. The intuitive interface of the vivo S1 Pro allows you to access your favorites much quicker and even offers fast charging technology that gives you up to five hours of talk time on the go. The phone has also built in wifi support that ensures you can connect to any wifi enabled computer whether you are out travelling or at home relaxing – no wires required.

The vivo s1 pro has two cameras on the rear including a self-timer which acts as a time-lapse capturing function so you can record your journey even when you are sleeping. The secondary camera is also capable of taking pictures in low light settings and with the help of image enhancement technology, you can get stunning shots in even the darkest of rooms. A sixteen megapixel resolution front facing camera will let you enjoy video calling and browsing the net just like you would do it on a normal smartphone. For the top end feature, the vivo s1 pro also comes fitted with Sony’s Super Night modes which slow the shutter speed so you can take in more light whilst shooting and enable the camera to capture moving objects.

The vivo s1 pro doesn’t have a flash but instead uses a rapid firing system that allows you to snap photos in less than one second. To take better quality pictures, you can trigger the rapid firing by simply pressing the power key twice. The two cameras on the rear of the handset are fitted with Carl Zeiss lens lenses for clear pictures. The camera on the rear is also fitted with a high  vivo s1 pro definition camera mode which means you can enjoy high definition images even if you don’t have an excellent smartphone camera. This amazing smartphone also offers users plenty of power so that you can enjoy your entertainment, news and games to the max without having to constantly worry about the battery running down. The phone has a built in fast charging system that enables you to enjoy over two hours of talk time on its single charge.

The vivo s1 pro sports a large, 4.2inch Super AMOLED display which is covered with a matt gold and silver shade. The Super AMOLED display has noticeable color distortion which is a shame as the screen is bright and crisp. It also appears as though the display has been slightly blue-shifted which most people would only notice if they compare the screen with a Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro. Despite this slight flaw, the Super AMOLED display is still bright and vivid and you can see all of your characters and pictures clearly. This is definitely one of the best phones out there with a beautiful large Super AMOLED display.

The other device on the slate which offers a huge range of features and capabilities is the vivo s1 pro’s single lens reflex camera. The rear camera on this handset is quite impressive too with a f/2.0 aperture which is much lower than most of the others on offer which helps to make the photos appear much sharper. The other great advantage of the rear camera on the OPE is that it has a laser capturing system which basically means that you will never miss a great shot no matter where you are trying to place the shot. The OPE comes with a special software program which enables the camera to recognize your movements and automatically adjust the focus when you are attempting a great shot.